A global intergenerational project that will create: The Almanac of the Future: 2015-2065 edition

The Almanac of the Future brings together 15 year olds and 65 year olds, artists, activists and radical thinkers to create a digital almanac – The Almanac of the Future: 2015-2065 edition - of the next 50 years for future generations. We will look at our understanding of and responses to the last 50 years of change to create a map of our wishes, goals and predictions for the next 50 years.

Across 6 continents,15 & 65 year olds will form Past/Future Change Labs with artists, thinkers, change-makers, activists, technologists, inviting a global audience to share in this unique process towards a better future.

The project investigates new forms of creativity as a source of progress and art as a place of innovation.  It puts the artistic process and the resulting artifact in a conversation with the wider world. It uses a collective retelling of the past, technology, serendipity and intergenerational human ingenuity and curiosity to investigate our collective future.

The Experts

On six continents we gather the core teams for the Past/Future Change Labs of consisting of: a group of 15 and 65 year olds joined by a artists, activists and radical thinkers or anyone who actively is making change for their wider society or the world

Those born in 1950 are experts in their experience of the last 50 years. Those born at the turn of the Millennium, the 15 year olds, are products of that era that period. In 50 years they will be 65. They are the makers of the next 50 years and experts on what is wanted and needed.

The Project

The Almanac brings a fiercely optimistic attitude to future foresighting. The result of a year-long project will be a digital and a physical “The Almanac of the Future: the 2015- 2065 edition”. A practical guide to the changes we want to make happen in next 50 years.

The Almanac of the Future: 2015-2065 edition will be a hybrid digital-physical publication and an installation. The shape and content will emerge from the collective process over the year of creation. We’ll be inviting a global audience to watch, follow and contribute to the almanac as it emerges.

The Fellowship

This project is developed within The Space/WIRED Creative Fellowship. This is a new category within the WIRED Innovation Fellowships in collaboration with The Space is a commissioner of digital art, founded by the BBC and Arts Council England.

The fellowship supports three talented individuals who are leading the way in digital arts and culture to produce a new digital artwork that has the potential to have an impact on the world, politically, socially, technologically, artistically.